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Demonstrators sit, with their feet in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, during the March on Washington, 1963


During thought-provoking times, whether experiencing the low of feeling defeated or the high from the triumph of winning, the choice YOU make to move forward or backward, stay still in reflection, or do nothing at all, is dictated by your unique life experiences, influences, and self-preservation. LayerUp! and the #ChooseToLayerUp social media channels, challenge you to look at the person in the mirror. Our tagline, “Choose Your Voice,” probes several things to think about:

  • How do you wish to define your life? Why?

  • Have you ever really been tested by a life-transforming situation?

  • What internal “layers” are revealed (or not) about you when no one is looking?

  • Do you represent something or someone bigger than just self?

  • Are you truly poised, positioned, and prepared to be a G.C.O.C.(Global Citizen of Consciousness/Change/Color)?

Together, we will empower and shape a myriad of positive ideas and proactive solutions!


Together, we will raise the bar of intelligence and respect!


Together, we will make a profound difference by unifying transformed relationships, environments, institutions, and structures!


We look forward to you being part of our journey.

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