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LayerUp! is a catchphrase that Jocelyn initially coined several years ago. She has been using the sobriquet throughout her professional career to empower, motivate, and instill confidence and self-respect - - particularly to young women on her respective sales teams at various organizations. Moreover, she inculcated these same values in her daughter, Zhané, teaching her to embrace the proactive verb as a directive of encouragement and guidance in her life - - to be confident to know how to pivot when necessary, and to remain “poised, positioned, and prepared,” when challenged in any situation.


In November 2017, Jocelyn debuted on the OWN's docuseries, "CHECKED INN", as a guest when she accompanied a girlfriend to a getaway retreat. During the episode, she was overheard telling a female guest to and “LayerUp” use her voice. To her surprise, the phrase quickly trended on social media amongst her personal network and viewers. Soon thereafter, she was inspired to kickstart the LayerUpWithJRT™  (aka "LayerUp!") brand.

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