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Music Entertainment Director

UnApologetically Jocelyn Taylor - Culturally Conscious & Curious” Podcast Show

Albert (Othello) Glenn is a Guyanese-born modern Renaissance man: Actor, songwriter, producer and self-described, “international music impresario and gatekeeper.” Mr. Glenn’s music entertainment career spans over three decades and specializes in medium to large-scale event coordination. Othello previously worked as the musical director for high-end cocktail dress and evening wear American designer, Carmen Marc Valvofor Fashion Week’s 2010 Mercedes-Benz NYFW, 7th on Sixth in New York, and The Links Fashion Show in New Orleans. In spring 2020, he launched his latest entrepreneurial venture,OChillZone, a one-hour radio program that focuses on his musical passions. He uses his DJ skills to spin unique, innovative styles and sounds procured from indigenous artists from around the globe, that include Afro Beats, Reggae, Soul/Funk, Electronic, Atmospheric Soul, Jazz, and Rock. “There are very little rules or status quos; as long as it reaches an audience and entertains, it works.”

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