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Kyla Dukes a freelance graphic designer and recent graduate of Johnson & Wales University (JWU) in Providence, Rhode Island.  Kyla is studied graphic design earned a Bachelor of Science degree in December of 2022 from the JWU School of Engineering and Design. At an early age, Kyla utilized her creative ability to start her own face painting business for children’s birthday parties. In 2015, she completed the Links leadership development program, an invitation-only program to celebrate academic excellence and community service.   Kyla is active in her community and has volunteered to serve on community events for West Orange Council, local PTAs, and Oscar Schindler Performing Arts Center. Her passion to support her community was accomplished by partnering with Kinder Smile to help underserved communities provide dental care for children.  


Another passion project Kyla planned and executed on was a service-learning project to help families conquer hunger.  Due to the many volunteer hours Kyla served, she is a recipient of the 2015 President Obama Volunteer Service Award & Bronze Prudential Volunteer Award. She has a keen eye for design which was discovered during her High School career.  In 2017, Kyla designed the first art installation at West Orange High School called Metamorphosis and the Process of Becoming.  She graduated from the Greater Essex County Chapter of Jack and Jill where she served as Vice President of Programming.  Her role was to create marketing material to help raise funds for charitable organizations.


Additionally, she was a member of the National Arts Honor Society.  Kyla is passionate about graphic design. In her work, she uses composition, balance, alignment, hierarchy, and contrast. She has technical skills in multiple programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Basecamp, Square Space, WordPress, Wix, and Microsoft Product Suite. Additional technical skills include the use of adobe programs to create visuals that include advertising, book design, branding, illustrator, page layout, and typography. More recently, Kyla is an intern at Horizon Healthcare Partners, a non-for-profit organization focused on equitable access and affordable services for those recovering from serious mental illness.  In this role, Kyla provides graphic design work for five agencies across the company which includes creative briefs, flyers, and social posts. As a freelance graphic designer, Kyla continues to provide logos, website design, and creation for various clients.

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