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Discover Your Culture

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"Whoever controls the images, control your self-esteem, self respect, and self development, whoever controls your history controls your vision."

- Dr. Leonard Jeffries

Please submit an inspiring, uplifting story about a person and/or community of people, whose narrative exudes pride and celebration.


We want an affirmative story of accomplishment in an area that may or may not have been taught or shared in a school or university curriculum.


Go to #ChooseToLayerUp on the LayerUp! FB and IG pages. 



If selected, YOUR story will appear here in the Discover Your Culture segment.


The left-handed handshake unites two Scouts from anywhere.


What does an Ashanti Chief know about the Scout left hand handshake?


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They move forward not as 12 men, but as one. One flow, on the planet.   


Get up! The tradition of the Maasai “Jumping Song and Dance.”

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