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Special Events | Social Engagement


Derrick L. Woods is the founder and Principal Managing Partner of Boss Productions, Inc., a multinational Special Events firm which has long been recognized as a global leader in producing niche event platforms a.k.a. “social intersections,” that appeal to a new breed of social elite: urban, influential, wealthy, and culturally curious. With a commitment to providing original, thought-provoking content, Boss Productions has demonstrated a level of originality, with the development of innovative subculture organizations like The FLY Society and The Council on Cool distributed through groundbreaking events. Mr. Woods’s client portfolio includes the NBA Retired Players Association and the NFL Retired Players Association. As part of his active leadership in the community, Mr. Woods currently holds Executive Board Membership status on three community-based foundations and was appointed Executive Director for the Missouri City Juneteenth Celebration Foundation, President for City of Refuge-Houston, and Executive Board Member for The Impact Center – a community-based recreational and support organization for disadvantaged and disabled young children and adults.

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